I was born the 19th of August of 1957 in Buenos Aires, Argentina


× Graduated from College of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires “Prilidiano Pueyrredon”
× Post graduated from the Superior School of Arts “Ernesto de la Cárcova”

Currently Studying

× Jewelry at “Taller Eloi“, institute of jewelry in Buenos Aires.


× Workshop: “Learning to design through the recuperation and recycling of
objects” with Marcela Muñiz y Valeria Hasse (Tota Reciclados). Cultural Center Ricardo
Rojas. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012)
× Workshop with Pilar Cotter. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014)
× Workshop: “Deconstruct to build”, with Rodrigo Acosta. Taller Eloi, Buenos
Aires, Argentina (2016)
× Workshop with Iris Eichenberg.Taller Eloi, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2017)
× Workshop: “Patinas and finishes” with Judy McCaig. Taller Eloi, Buenos
Aires, Argentina. (2017)
× Workshop: “Questions of jewelry” with Caroline Broadhead. Taller Eloi,
Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2019)
x Workshop: “Findings” with Manon Van Kouswijk. Taller Eloi, Buenos Aires,
Argentina (2019)
x Workshop: “Odradek, el hacer, deshacer y rehacer de un elefante” with Celio
Braga. Taller Eloi, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020)

Exhibitions of contemporary jewelery


× Circuits Bijoux, París, France. 


× Autor, Bucharest, Romania


× 1° Biennale of Contemporary Jewelery, “Puentes”, Buenos Aires, Argentina


× Parcours Bijoux, Paris, France. “À la recherche du temps perdu”.
× Platina Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden. “Trust is what has been” (collective exhibition)


× Melting Point Valencia. “True is what has been”
× Autor. Bucharest, Romania
× Alliage, Lille, France. “NOD on full volume. Alliage”


× Selected for Schmuck 2019. Munich, Germany.
× Precious Collective. Exhibition in Ocean Studios. Plymouth, England.
× Selected for Alliages the Legacy, for the permanent collection in Espace
Solidor, Museum of Contemporary Jewelry.
× Selected for “Coming of age”, exhibition at the annual SNAG conference.
Chicago, U.S.A.
× “I do not wish. True is what has been. Ex-votos & contemporary jewelry.
Por gracias recibidas” Museum of Popular Art Jose Hernandez. Buenos Aires,


× Selected for Gioielli in Fermento 2020 Award. Italy.
× “Les bagues dans tous ses états” collective exhibition Galerie Sophie…etc!
Paris, France.
× Parcours Bijoux, Paris, France. “Ex-votos. Reconstruction.”