Amulet to protect A Room of One’s Own

Looking for the little bearAs I worked on this piece that I built of layers of fabric, the familiarity of it brought back to me a memory of when I was 7 or 8 years old. At that time I had asked my mother to take me to drawing and painting classes. In those classes my contact with art began and my vocation was born. On my first day the teacher gave me an exercise: on a large cardboard I should glue as many different papers as possible, one on top of the other and then tear the different layers with my hands until I find a shape. That was how the figure of a little bear appeared. This stole is an amulet, because an amulet can be any object to which a person grants the virtue of protection, it’s power works by superstition, since it is believed in beyond reason.In this amulet these wrappings protect and preserve my “own room” of which Virginia Woolf spoke in her book. That room represents my ability to create. I discovered this during my childhood in those first few classes. And years later I identified that room as the only true thing that I have, which lives inside of me. It’s my refuge, my safe place in the world. I created this piece to protect it because sometimes images and external impositions cause me confusion and distraction, forgetting my true desire. To protect it, I carry my amulet close with me. It is assumed that the closer to the body it is carried, the more powerful its effect.The silhouette of my amulet refers to the priestly stoles, with which I worked with before, making a criticism of religious mandates. It’s shape is like a mantle that covers me and weighs on my shoulders, reminding me how hard it was to recover my own space and everything I suffered before for having lost it.This work brings together objects and materials that represent me and are repeated in many of my works. I am once again inspired by them, some worn out by time or previous use, others new, but both translate and explain what I want to tell. Certain fabrics reappear, a small piece of porcelain, old lead hem weights , pearls, lace, and red thread. I carefully chose each of these elements for their symbolism and their ability to transform into metaphors. Through them I take a tour of my inner world, my obsessions and concerns, which directly link to the discovery of the little bear of my beginnings with the centrality of my work. The main theme of my work reflects on rethinking the feminine, and the place that women should occupy in the social order and in their own order.To me, this stole is protection and shelter. In it, I condense my concerns and keep the most precious treasures of my material and immaterial universe.