The ex-voto is an offering given to a God in return of a wish come true. In this offerings it is visually shown why a person feels grateful. It has a symbolic significance. 

Regarding my pieces it is a personal gratitude, but it could be an universal thank you because of the of its transcendent meaning. I am thankful for feeling femininely powerful and for having been able to regain my autonomy and my own space. I am thankful for having gained back the Gift of creation- a treasure I thought lost or even dead. I felt as if I had myself died a little along with it- my soul was degrading like metal corroded by rust. This is the reason why I work with old, worn-out clothes. I am interested in working with the traces and marks that times leaves behind. I also work with old lead hem weight tape. In the past it was used to keep the hem of women’s dresses in “its place”. Other of the materials that I work with are pearls, that to me they represent the feminine suffering. All this pieces are ex-votos because, even though they are not going to be given away to any God, they all have the same intention. My jewels are the embodiment of my gratitude.